Android is one of the most used operating system in this world. As the users count increase the problems also increases. The main problem is of Data Recovery on android phones. Once you delete a file on your Android Device then you’re not able to the file recovered easily but yes you can your file back but it takes a lot of time. Just like in Windows PC you can easily recover your deleted files from recycle bin but in Android Devices you may require a android data recovery as Android OS doesn’t supports Recycle Bin whereas it saves the deleted data in temporary memory which can recovered using a medium like Wondershare‘s Dr Fone For Android.

Dr Fone For Android is the best Android Data Recovery software available in the market. Wondershare have won many awards for creating Awesome softwares for android data recovery free , mobile data transfer, etc. Dr Fone For Android is yet another Awesome software which helps you to recover all the things from messages to contacts, documents and even your WhatsApp Messages. Wondershare’s Dr Fone Supports mostly all the android devices except few. You can check here that whether your device is support by Dr Fone or not.

Features Of Dr Fone For Android

  • Supports mostly all the Android Devices and Android Version released till now.
  • Can help you to recover Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Audio, WhatsApp, Documents and Call History on your Android Device.
  • Helps in recovery of the files from Phone’s Internal Storage as well as External Storage, For Example : Memory Card, etc.
  • Easy 3 Steps recovery.
  • Allows you to select the number of the files you want to recover. It also helps you to select the desired file which you want to recover. For Example : You want to recover only 1 file then you can easily select that and recover it without any problems.
  • You can preview your data before you start the recovery process.
  • Can be used to recover data in mostly all the conditions which includes : Deleted Data, System Crash, Forgotten Password, SD Card Issue, Rooting Error, ROM Flashing, etc.

How To Use Dr Fone For Android : Recovery Process

Please see that before you proceed you have purchased or installed the trial version of Wondershare Dr Fone For Android and must have an USB cable with you.

  • Now, Connect your device to Your PC through an USB cable.
  • Once you have successfully connected your device and installed the required drivers the software will be able to detect your device. If you don’t have installed your phone drivers then you may first install them and then reconnect your phone to your PC.
  • After the above process. Inside Dr Fone you will need to select your Android Device model and proceed for the recovery process.
  • Now, it would ask you to select the files which you want to recover on your Android Device. There you would be able to see Categories and then the sub divides. Like Contacts(Category) and Its part like saved mobile numbers as Sub-Divides.
  • After you have selected your files you will able to see your selected files. You can make changes in it if you want to otherwise you may start the recovering of your files.
  • After the recovery process ends. You will need to restart your device.
  • Now, you will be able to see your files which you wanted to recover on your Android Device.