Android phones and tablets from giant manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola etc. never quit on making gorgeous and powerful devices. However, this massive Android User base cannot be attributed only to the aforementioned companies alone. There are many others around the globe, providing Android devices to consumers at affordable rates. Because a person from any income bracket can afford an android smartphone is the reason for its huge success.

What’s the downside? Too many users mean too many risks. Now every type of person has an access to cheaper technology. This would also mean that more pedophiles, cyberbullies, online predators etc. will emerge as a result. Online scams, child abuse, cyber bullying are just few examples of many other heinous and nefarious acts have risen too.

We can protect our kids from many of these dangers by simply using a mobile spy app. For many years, spying technology has carried a negative connotation, posing a very potent threat to our privacy and security. However, in recent times, it has gotten itself acknowledged as a reliable tool to secure legitimate and reasonable concerns with unprecedented ease.

How does it work?

First, you will have to download the Android spy app from its official website. Choose the appropriate subscription plan and payment option that best suits you. To install the app, get a physical hold of the target device for just a few minutes so to install the app onto it. After that, you will only have to log in with your emailed account details into the app’s webpage-based control panel from the internet browser on either your desktop or mobile phone.


Android mobile spy apps are generally judged on the quantity and quality of features they offer. Although certain basic features are present in pretty much all digital surveillance tools, there are certain features that can be found in only a selected few products, thus putting them ahead of their rivals.

Here’s a list of features that you’re likely to find in high-quality spy apps:

  • Web History and Contact Details
  • Real-Time and Historical Location Tracking using GPS and other technology
  • Videos and Pictures Logging
  • Email and Text Message Logging thus

Android spy apps are a safe and reliable way to shield your kids from the horrors of the internet.