Child abuse and neglect are increasing because people are still confused about the actual meaning of the term child abuse. Most parents consider child abuse to be the physical violence and verbal accuse towards the kids in their early years, but it isn’t true. Verbal and physical abuses are just part of it. Child neglect is increasing at an alarming rate and is the result of insufficient parental supervision, protection, and safety. The good news is that stopping child abuse is now very much possible through Android and iPhone parental controls.

Parental Controls

Android and iPhone parental controls are available in abundance and will certainly help you in your cause. Through these controls, you will be able to monitor almost every activity being performed by your kids on their smartphones. If you see someone bullying them, sending threatening messages, calling them unnecessary, then you can step in and deal with the matter in timely and safe manner. However, if you don’t step in and continue on to neglect your kids then you will only have yourself to blame for whatever happens to children.

Effects of Neglect Could be Long Lasting

Every type of neglect and abuse is hurtful, but the emotional scarring suffered by these unsupervised kids can be long lasting and damaging. If you don’t fulfill all your parental responsibilities of providing them adequate supervision, they can face lack of trust in their latter years and might find difficulties in their relationships. Moreover, neglected kids could feel worthless, experience difficulty in showing the emotions and might start experiencing the sibling-rivalry.

It’s very common among kids to start sibling-rivalries for getting attention and parents’ time. Instead of making them a victim of abuse and neglect, try to give them the time which they need for their emotional and social growth. It’s understandable that staying with the kids all the time isn’t possible but you could be with them with a parental app.

Stay in Contact Digitally

No wonder it’s almost impossible to be on your toes and monitor each of your kid in this challenging and demanding time. But you can stay connected with them using smartphones which they hold with them round the clock. Digital parenting could pull you out of trouble as you can stay informed about all their activities and they can contact and interact with you any time. You can track their location, share your own location, monitor what they are doing on the Internet, send them instant messages and even check their mobile activities all the time.