Probably the biggest drawback to working as a freelance copywriter is the ambiguity of the creative process. You spend a ridiculous amount of time staring at the walls, trying to come up with a headline so good that prospects won’t resist clicking it. Your search history is more diverse than the Amazon’s ecosystem because almost every day there’s a new product/service/audience group that needs to be researched.

Unlike most professions that are beholden to a strict protocol, copywriters have a lot of freedom in how they approach and produce work. While 99% of clients don’t intervene in the creative process, there’s always that 1% who think they can do a better job than you. Hence, the endless stream of questions and feedback.

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Not that there is anything wrong with communication your ideas and concerns to a copywriter. But, without understanding the process behind the act of creating great copy, even the most well-intentioned questions can become redundant and terribly annoying.

With that in mind, here are ten things you should never tell to a freelance copywriter.

  1. “I Could Do It Myself, but I don’t Have the ”

A lot of people think that anyone can write copy. You just throw a bunch of words together, check for grammar and spelling, and you’re done. But, they forget that most copywriters have a degree in Marketing, Journalism, or English. They neglect the fact that creating copy that speaks to the right audience requires a deep understanding of consumer psychology. Otherwise, you are just creating content that no one wants to read.

So, next time you tell to yourself copywriting is easy, try creating creative content that delivers results (aka sales.)

  1. “I Don’t Have a Brief”

So, you expect your freelance copywriter to write a 1,500-word service page without having any idea of who your audience is, what the tone should be or why you want it in the first place? And, you expect to attract leads and convert them into customers with that page? Good luck with that!

  1. “I Could Get the Copy for Half the Price, but I Like Your Style”

Sure, there are many so-called freelance copywriting services out there who could create content for half the price you’re paying to a professional one. But, don’t come back crying to them one month later after you realize why they are so cheap in the first place.

  1. “Can You Work for Us for Free? It’s Good for Your Portfolio”

The eyes of a freelance copywriter sparkle when they find work that would be good for their portfolios. But, that’s for them to decide, not you. Also, would you be motivated to give your best if you wouldn’t get anything in return? I didn’t think so.


  1. “Can You Throw in Like 16 Keywords or So?”

I’m sorry, did you invented a time machine and traveled back in 2005? SEO has changed dramatically in the last few years. If not too long ago, all you had to do to show up in search results was to cram as many keywords as possible into your content, the world of SEO is a lot different now. Too many keywords can damage your site, so please don’t ask your copywriter for a 5% density.

  1. “I Like It, But Just Let Me Get Feedback from My Friends and Family”

Go ahead and show the copywriter’s work to your friends and family, but don’t rely on their feedback unless they’re a marketer and understand your business’s mission, target audience, and market position.

  1. “Our Target Audience is ”

Oh, is that right? So, everyone would like to read a bunch of articles about the benefits of marketing automation? Even my two-year-old daughter?

  1. “Can You Edit the Piece? I It’s the Last Time.”

Most freelance copywriters are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure their clients are satisfied with their work. They understand that editing a piece until it’s perfect is part of their job. But, asking them to edit something ad infinitum, and never publish anything, it’s just a waste of both their time and yours.

  1. “I’ll Pay You on My Terms, Not Yours”

Imagine going to the supermarket, buying a bunch of food, and then telling the cashier that you will pay in 20 days after the food has been eaten. That would be crazy, right? Well, the same applies to your freelance copywriters who have to waitweeks to get their invoiced paid.

  1. “It’s Not What I Wanted, Can You Rewrite It?”

Getting vague instructions is one of the worst nightmares of freelance copywriters. Try to be as specific as possible because vague feedback leads to vague revisions.

Truth be told, most freelance copywriters love their job and their clients. But sometimes, just like everyone else, we do find a client that drives us insane.