The internet trend is ever-changing, with the world population searching a new thing every day getting into the top of search lists is a hard task for all website owners and websites. With high competition from both ends, as one leaf of a big tree named blogging you might be having a bad time figuring new ways to drive traffic into your blogs. Taking out the relevant topic, the best of the keywords might give you traffic, but the days it will continue to be the same can’t be a lifetime.

Being a blogger you should consider any possible way to get that extra possible way to get new audience and also never try to let your regular audience miss one of your blogs. ‘DiscoverLike’ is something every blogger should try, and the increase of traffic it can make is significant. What ‘discoverlike’ will do is promote your blog post on their website which is a free search engine for blogs of different kinds.


The process

The process to be on the ‘discover like’ space is really simple. There is a premium widget provided by ‘discover like’ which can be installed in your website blog. The widget is named related post widget and when installed this widget will show your most relevant blogs helping your readers to get more engaged. In addition, this widget will submit all your old and new posts to the discover like database, making it visible on the free discover like search engine, giving you blog a chance to get new readers.

Additional benefits of discover like

‘Discover like’ is more than just a way to drive more traffic into your blog, they offer lots more for bloggers who register with them. Bloggers who are approved by the ‘Discover like’ team will be given chance to earn additional income based on the quality of their content. They are partnered with a number of brands who give high quality content recommendation for qualified posts. This non-spam and natural website is intended to provide high quality service for bloggers and on the same time high quality content for users and advertisers. So they only accept good bloggers who can deliver content of high quality with less flaws.

Why to be a ‘discover like’ publisher?

  • Simple procedure: – Teaming up with discover like is not something with a big list of procedures. Any blogger can post their website for review and once accepted; you can enjoy the benefits offered by ‘discover like’.
  • A free premium plugin for your website: – All accepted bloggers will be given a free premium related posts widget designed by the ‘discover like team’. This widget is helpful in making your readers more engaged by showing your most relevant posts.
  • Get a track of other bloggers: – You are not the only one with big ideas, there are thousands of bloggers who are successful in giving their readers what they want. Following these bloggers can give you new ideas for better blogs which in turn can make you a better blogger.
  • Free traffic: – In a market where you have to pay in thousands for better traffic, ‘discover like’ give that to you for free.