Toda we are going to talk about one of the famouse Blogger from India residing at Kolkata who have invest most of the time in blogging while in College .

Best Blogger Sujoy Dhar

While we are having conversation over Facebook for several days we would like to mention about Sujoy Dhar blogging style . Sujoy Dhar was blogging since 2009 and in 2013 he is known to be a millioniar in blogging world . So let us divide his details of blogging and how he have come to blogging and what was the life in blogging in the following :-

Sujoy Dhar in 2009

The Best Blogger who was studying at school by taking Commerce as his subject . He was frank in speaking with friends and family and also shares his problems and solution with his friends . One day in the morning he was reading Time OF India Newspaper find an ad given by BigRock Domain Company regarding .in domain for sale at Rs. 99 . He have shown the ad to his friend Loknath Das who was also having interest in Blogging and website development . Both of them got interested in making a website just for fun and then they have developed Fortricks Website using Blogger Platform powered by Google .

Sujoy Dhar in 2010

He have just passed out from School and was started visiting college for registration in College . He have got chances in Dum Dum Mothijheel College . Both Loknath Das and Sujoy Dhar was working on the website but due to some collussion between them they have separated from blogging . Sujoy Dhar took over the website from Loknath by paying some amount of money and started developing the website alone . Sujoy Dhar have worked hard daily for learning about the HTML Codes for designing the Best Blogger Templates .

Sujoy Dhar Friend Loknath Das

Sujoy Dhar in 2011

The best life started while he was studying at College and met with several friends who are interested in Blogging and want to be a blogger like Abir Majumder , Manish Das , Santanu Das and others . Sujoy Dhar started suggesting them and inspiring them about how to blog and how to make a website . He have also developed the website WideInfo which is currently a popular blog . The WideInfo website is being developed using WordPress Platform and it is being best customised by Sujoy Dhar , the design and the looks of the website is much attractive than Fortricks .

Sujoy Dhar in 2012

In 2012 Sujoy Dhar have started learning about the various coding and php development also giving time on education for B.Com Hons subject . He was getting popularity from several other bloggers and also started getting inspiration from his parents and friends . He have integrated Adsense in his website and started earning money from blogging as this was the first earning where he have invested full of the amount in registering both of the blog as he do believe that instead of taking it would be better to give it to them who deserve for it .

Sujoy Dhar in 2013

Sujoy Dhar have started earning more than 600$ per day from MADADS , Adsense , TechnoretyMedia and his life was going awesome . Besides blogging he was doing his father’s business and B.Com Hons study Second Year . His friend have also started earning money . Sujoy Dhar started getting several mails regarding the interviews and help needed by the newbie bloggers . He have becmae the best blogger in India and a best earner from Blogging Life .

Sujoy Dhar 2014

Everything is having a downfall like Share Market as he mentioned in one of the Interview recently . WideInfo was hacked and due to several wrong process of the hacker he have also lost the Advertisement Company and the earning have down to Zero . However Sujoy Dhar have taken help from the several popular bloggers against it and file a report to the domain regirtrar . Everyone love Sujoy so everyone have supported Sujoy Dhar for getting the website back to him and he was success in getting back the domain but loosing Adsense account is very much difficult to get back so he stopped serving ads on his website and lead the website to run on non profit . Sujoy Dhar have earned so much money from blogging that he invested in Mutual Fund of ICICI and he started recieving dividend from there . He have not stopped blogging as he is being inspired by several other blogger to bring out other blogs in Internet World so he again started building up the blogs .

Sujoy Dhar in 2015

Sujoy Dhar is now studying MBA and also managing his father’s business and also Blogging and he is too much helpfull and communicated guy that we feel he deserve to be the best blogger who have the followings :-

  1. Respect the Newbie bloggers
  2. Helping and Inspiring the Bloggers to grow
  3. Solving Blogger’s Problem
  4. Suggesting Bloggers regarding what to do and what not do
  5. Never ignore any blogger’s message

Sujoy Dhar have also developed his own website I AM Sujoy and beside this he have also developed several SEO Tools which are really loveable by the newbie bloggers and also don’t forget to SEO Audit your website here . SEO Audit Tool is much helpfull in knowing your website as Sujoy Dhar have given several detaild information regarding your website so try a check up your blog on SEO Audit tool today .