Are you a working professional passionate about getting a postgraduate degree? But feel your professional and personal commitments are stopping you from fulfilling your dream?

If you relate with the above scenarios, you are not alone.


According to reports, India produces 5 million graduates every year. Many of whom don’t get a chance to pursue higher education as they join work directly. Taking a sabbatical is not an option as most of them have to support their families.

Avagmah, a 2-year old education technology startup based out of Bangalore is working with Indian universities to change this scenario.

Through Avagmah’s technology platform, education is no longer confined to just classrooms. Universities can now bring their curriculum right to the students on their laptop, tablet or even smartphones.

At present, there is a high acceptance for quality MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) in India amongst the young professionals. For instance, India is the largest market for MOOCs outside of the US. Coursera, the largest MOOC provider by far has over 7 Lac Indian learners pursuing education on the platform.

Through its patent-pending Avagmah Technology Platform (ATP), Avagmah helps universities extend the reach of their traditional distance education to millions of deserving working professionals without diluting the quality.

A great amount of focus is laid on student success & course completion. Avagmah’s technology platform which is collaborative, intuitive and predictive; provides faculty with valuable analytics on how and at what pace each student is learning, enabling them to provide personalized support to aid student learning outcomes.

Such revolutions in education technology has the potential to change the way education is delivered in the country. Working professionals can now fulfill their dreams of getting high quality higher degree from a prestigious university sitting at the comfort of their homes.