The beauty genre is pretty much same as the fashion industry, evolving and booming. The beauty trends for 2017 are some hard-core beauty goals, we are already in love with them. We are currently hoarding on Shopper Stop to get the most of the beauty products online.

Well what are the beauty trends of 2017, we help you in listing all of them for you.


Metallic Nails

From matte to metallic, the nails trend has taken a new game.

The metallic nails have made their way into the beauty trends and we can see them around, a lot.


Glitter Lipsticks

The matte and the glossy have seen their era, now it’s time some glitter to spread.

Under-liner or the Upside Cat Eye

The cat-eye ruled the beauty area for a long time, it’s time to turn things upside down in a clean way.

The reverse cat eye has made its way into beauty industry and we can see it trending.


Glitter Strobing

The bold and glittery the year of 2017 is all about glitter strobing. The term strobing itself is a new word in the beauty genre. The basic aim is to make your contour and highlight game more strong.


Keep your contour game strong, highlight on point. Because the year needs some strong contour strokes!

Beach Waves

Well we were obsessed with our straight hair, well they defined elegance and grace. But we want to let it go to embrace the beach waves!

Blorange Hair color

Oh! the color speaks all!

The perfect blend of orange and the blonde shades bring out a beautiful blorange, we are loving it, how about you?



Charcoal took the major space on skincare desk, it is pretty clear that how much we love it.

Classic Brush Set

Beauty blender, professional make-up brushes and a lot of it came into existence last year.

Silicone Sponges

Beauty Bender made a whole lot of noise for the makeup artists, it was loved, it is still. But we see the silicone sponge making its way into the game.

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