Fashion and clothing are means of self-expression. Each one of you is entitled to dress and choose clothing that represent what you think and feel. No day is the same. Some days are sunny and bright while others are gloomy, some days are hectic and stressful while others are break days.

All of you are sporting and creating fashion, even on days when you tie your hair in a tight bun and put on the most comfortable pair of jeans with a tank top and shoes, ready to face what lies ahead of you. It is not just days when you spend quality time picking your dress, makeup and accessories and match it flawlessly to a bag and heels that you are fashionable and beautiful. Fashion is about having lows and highs, jumpers were made for a reason you know!


It would be a great idea to shop keeping all your moods in mind. Why don’t you pick a couple of tops that are easy to wear with jeans or dresses that are easy to accessorize for days when you cannot invest time on dressing up or worrying about a fashion faux pas?
Keep a metallic watch with you to enhance a jeans-top or casual dress look. A simple trick for these days could be to steal the limelight away from clothing to a bright lipstick or a nice pair of shoes/flats.

Messy hair is completely doable with a look such as this. Keep it clean and simple. For men, invest in jeans and trousers. T-shirts are the best to go to for crazy days. Avoid shirts that require ironing and crispness. You can always wear semi-formal shirts with formal pants and shoes. If you are comfortable in your skin wear polos with shorts or try joggers, you can try that as well. Try long kurta with jeans, they are honestly easy to wear and the most comfortable for summers.

Here are some things you can buy for your hectic, stressful days-

  1. Invest in a good scarf

A scarf is a good investment. Graphic printed scarf, a neon scarf and pastel scarf goes with a variety of looks. Scarves are easy to wear and can be used in different styles. DIY knots are all over the internet, so take some time to watch them as they come handy on rough days. Scarves are great for men as well. It would be better for men to go for scarves that are heavier and thicker in texture. Try scarves for winters or breezy days.

  1. Shoes

A saviour for men, shoes can take away the entire limelight from your clothing. Buy trendy shoes that are comfortable. If you love quirky dressing, go for shoes with different lace colours or invest in printed socks. Keep the bottoms short so you do not cover your shoes or socks. Avoid heels on busy days, go for wedges or heeled oxfords if you require the elevated height.

  1. Indian wear

It does not get more comfortable. Buy pair of leggings and kurti, invest in a nice Indian style dress or even a skirt. Make sure that these pieces of clothing are bright and colourful. Do not wear more than three colours. You can go for some traditional bandhini prints or tribal prints. Wear flats and earrings. Men should try long or short kurtas teamed with jeans and flats. For a busy day try picking solid colours without any prints or work for a kurta.

  1. Own your look

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