This article discusses some of the most popular trends that people all over the world will experience in the coming year. These trends have been curated on the basis of views and ideas that jewellery designers all over the world are talking about. Check out some of these trends to look for when you buy jewellery the next time.

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  • Coin Style Jewellery

Be it the necklaces or simply pendants and earrings, one trend that would be seen across all the online jewellery storeswill be the coin style jewellery. Since a lot of celebrities are already wearing them, you would see this trend shifting amongst the common people as well. Also, since this is really funky and stylish at the same time, it can be worn with all the types of attires and at work as well.

  • Statement Pieces

You would see a lot of gold diamond necklaces that are uniquely styled in the coming year. Just like temple jewellery became very popular in the last few months, other similar trends too would make it to the popular jewellery stores like Kirtilals Jewellers. In addition to this, antique gold too would become very popular.

  • Ring Styles

Just like women started to wear gold diamond rings in different ways, it is believed that new ring styles would come in trend this year. Stacking various rings in different ways is going to be popular. People are going to wear a variety of rings together in same finger to get a stack like look. Right from the diamond options to the classic gold and silvers, you’d get a lot of options like this to choose from in this year.

  • Rose Gold

One color that has influenced the mobile phone industry is rose gold and this trend slowly came into the watches as well. In the coming year, this color would be seen in the jewellery designs as well. Although this would be expensive in comparison to the regular jewellery, it still would make to the online jewellery stores and people would wear them with all their clothes and events like parties, office wear, etc.

  • Pearls

Pearls are off style for quite some time now and in the coming year, they would again come into fashion and inspire the jewellery market completely. Pearls look pretty in every way and are one of the most elegant jewel options to choose from. So if you have some old pearl jewellery, take them out and if you don’t, get ready to buy them from your favorite online jewellery store.

  • Diamonds

Diamonds are forever popular and no matter which trend come and goes, diamonds are going to attract people just like they always do. They will be popular across jewellery pieces like ear cuffs, rings, etc. different experimentation would be done with the size and cuts of the diamonds to add a little more style to it.