When it comes to Lexmark toner products, the entire industry agrees that there are so many options that are great for users of all kinds, ranging from the home user to the business user. Choosing out of the various models available on the market at the moment is definitely complicated. You want to think about many facts ranging from the printer toner that is included to the quality that is offered for the buyer.

Many models can be recommended for the home user. Most do take advantage of the modern Lexmark printer toner cartridges even if the models are older, which is great and will normally make everything tougher to figure out. In order to make the choice easier, let us recommend an older but high quality Lexmark toner printer that you seriously want to take into account.

Lexmark Genesis S816

This is basically a color model that acts as an all-in-one model. You want to use it if you have a home office or in the event that you need a good device for a small business. The device is capable to quickly fax, scan, copy and print at speeds that are really high.

The main reason why the Lexmark Genesis S816 is to be considered is the fact that it showcases many features that are highly beneficial for a home office user. As an example, you receive automatic duplexing, which can automate many uses.

Card slots are included in the printer, allowing you to use the printer toner without having to connect a computer to the device. In addition, we have photo direct program, which will calibrate the Lexmark toner cartridges in order to offer the best possible quality for print jobs where s photo is to be printed.

Genesis S816 brings in various features you will love and you will use, which is something that is rare on the market at the moment. Many printers include features that seem great and that are not actually that important for the home user.

The one extra thing we should mention is that the printer includes a special multiple color copy feature. It will allow the print of many color copies at a faster speed. We do have access to zoom so you can be sure that the print will be exactly as you imagine it to be.

Buying A Perfect Lexmark Toner Cartridge

The example that we offered right here is really great for the home user but the truth is that the Lexmark brand does offer so much more than you would imagine.  You want to take a look at all the Lexmark toner cartridges that are available at the moment and the Lexmark toner printers that use them. It is possible that you can find something that is a lot better than the Genesis S816 model so do think about reading some reviews before you make your final decisions. Just read reviews and be careful about the opportunities available. New printers are developed every day so you may find something that is a lot better for you.