Our homes are little nests that we fly back to at the end of the day. It’s more than just a place we reside. It’s where we are who we want to be and feel comfortable. Keeping this nest safe is always our priority. Finding the perfect home to live is difficult and when you do find one, here’s what you can do to keep it safe.

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Here’s a list of devices that will make sure your home is protected:

1)    Surveillance cameras

They’re easy to install. You could ask a professional to do it for you or just buy some from a store and connect them to your computer network. Most of them allow you to access the footage from anywhere over the internet. Place them at important locations; you could have one facing the area outside your front door. The recording will get erased automatically within a few weeks so you could access it in the case of an unfortunate event.

2)    Fire alarm system

You’ll never have to be worried about leaving the gas on or if you’ve lit the candle in the wrong place. Install a fire alarm system at home, and you’ll know before your house turns to ashes. The fire alarm system has an audible warning alarm that will go off in case there is a fire or smoke in your apartment. It is installed on the ceiling and will hide perfectly with your decor. It also comes with a temperature or heat detector that sends a notification if the temperature rises over 50-55 degrees.

3)    Video Intercom

There’s nothing more dangerous than opening your door to a burglar or thief, especially when you’re unprepared. Getting a video intercom will solve this problem. You can always see who is at the door and unlike the old school peep-hole; the video intercom allows you to talk to the person at the door. Anytime you feel unsafe you could talk through the intercom and choose not to open the door before you get all your required information.

4)    Safe

If you are someone who prefers to keep their expensive jewellery or set of documents at home instead of a bank locker, a safe is a must. You can install one at your place and keep the passcode secret. It will also notify you in case of an attempt to open it. Most safes are heavy, and you could also track them through GPS.

5)    Intruder alarm system

It is perfect for those who own big property, or for your farmhouse or weekend home. An intruder alarm system is used to keep a check on unauthorised entry into your property. It can be configured to inform the local police or fire station to keep your home safe even when you are not around. It also sets off a loud alarm to alert the neighbours. It uses motion sensors to detect any break in.

There are only a few ways you can keep your home safe. Using the latest technologies and devices in the market, you can make sure your nest is always protected.