It’s not only fun but can also be financially rewarding to play online poker for money. Indians have been playing poker and rummy games for a long time, but with the advent of the internet, online poker has caught the attention of many. However, it is still a new concept, and many people are still wary whether they should play online poker in India. This post should help you by answering the fundamental question – what to check before playing poker online in India.

The trend of playing poker online is relatively new in India. There can be much confusion while playing poker online and you might have questions like, where do I start playing? Which website is the best? How is the payment made? Is it safe to play online? Well, you are not alone to ask these questions. To start playing poker, you need to know a few basic things mentioned below:


Is playing poker legal in India?

Before you start playing real money poker online, you need to go through certain gambling laws which are functional in the country. The website at which you plan to play should be registered, and all the procedures of the poker arena should be within legal boundaries. There are very few poker websites which are legal in India so before you start playing on any website, make sure that it is registered and legal.

What are the options available for transactions?

Playing poker will require you to make deposits. The winnings will also have to be transferred to your bank account. For this, you will need to share your bank account details with the poker website. You need to make sure that the website at which you are playing is providing you with the maximum security when it comes to transactions. To further facilitate the transactions, local payment options are incorporated to ensure maximum safety and efficiency in all the transactions.


If you are someone who loves to win big at poker games then winning tax is something which you should know about. Poker winnings can be taxable, but websites offer services of taking care of that during the transfer procedure. The tax, if any, is levied on the winnings, and then the particular amount shall be deducted before the amount is credited to the winners’ accounts. This is done so that you do not have to bear the headache of deducting the amount after your winnings have been transferred.

Gaming Licenses

The gaming software does not become your property. You are just signing up to use the software, which is owned by third parties. They work under certain licenses and only after the validity of these licenses is renewed or transpired to the users, only then can a website be recommended for playing poker on.

Custom Catering to Users

Once you become a regular player and play real money poker, then your status on the website is elevated, and you become a member of a VIP club (different sites use different tags). Once you become gaming elite, then you can access individual deals which the average users cannot access. The status of a poker VIP or a membership to the exclusive club means that you will get invited to certain kinds of tournaments which only people who play for real money are informed about. The casino teams also work to provide such users with different game promotions.

These are a few things which you can keep in mind before playing Poker in India. Apart from this, make sure that you acquaint yourself with the different kinds of hands in poker so that you know your winning position in a particular round.