Star Trek is a video game themed on the Star Trek films and it is a third person adventure and action video game.Star Trek was first released in the U.S in April 2013 for various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This video game is the first in-house video game developed by Paramount Studio and it took a staggering 3 years to produce. Metroid Prime, Uncharted, the Mass Effect series are some of the video games that have influenced Star Trek. This single player third person shooter game also reflects certain element from the episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series.

This game follows the adventure of Captain James Kirk and his crew on the Starfleet starship known as the USS Enterprise. On this game, you can either take control of Captain James Kirk or First Officer Spock, whereby you will have to investigate the theft on the colony of New Vulcan by the Gorn of a terraforming device. The Gorn on this video game were heavily redesigned, where 15 different classes of creatures were created. Here Spock and Kirk engage in missions where they have to travel to other universe and they have to recapture the Enterprise when it is taken by some alien forces. In the Single Player mode, both the main characters of this video game have different paths which promote re-playability, and you cannot switch characters during a chapter.

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Each of the two main characters have their own gameplay technique, with Kirk being a better shooter while Spock masters the stealth techniques. Both Kirk and Spock are equipped with weapons that reflect their gameplay style. You can gain experience that will allow you to unlock additional settings for the weapons by progressing through the game, and also fighting your way through a number of environments. You will also find other types of gameplay on Star Trek that can be found in the mini games, including those with space dives.

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With these 2 games, you can travel through the universe and uncover the mystery of the brightest stars. Each of those have their own storyline and features, however with two such great cosmic games, it was impossible for us to glorify any of these game more than the other, as both of them are simply brilliant.