In order to achieve maximized energy levels and performance, it is important to take the help of steroids along with intense workout. There are two types of Steroids – Anabolic and Androgenic. The anabolic steroids are produced in a laboratory to clone the effects of testosterone and are helpful in promoting the muscle growth whereas androgenic steroids are homogeneous to testosterone and known for increasing the male sexual characteristics. The body enthusiast uses the steroids due to these varied useful qualities.

Steroids are the hormones produced from cholesterol and the chemical substance, i.e. testosterone is a male sex reproductive hormone. It is imperative to have an increased level of testosterone in the body so as to have a quicker and effective growth of muscle.  Apart from this, it is used by the men to have a deeper voice, well-built body, improved energy and herculean strength. While consuming steroids, it is very important to follow a proper dosage otherwise excessive consumption will lead to its side effects. It is advised to consult fitness experts so that they will provide a calculated bodybuilding athletic cycle.

Know more about designer steroids

Designer steroids are another addition to the clan of steroids which are synthetically developed which goes undetected by the steroid test. These supplements are used by the bodybuilders and athletes in the field of sports as there is an advantage of it being undiscovered. It has been seen that the bodybuilders consume higher dosage of this compound in order to double the results. There are a few drugs that can be labelled as designer steroids but there is the need to understand the dosage and cycle that should be followed.

Follow a proper steroid cycle

Steroids are no wonder very useful for various purpose but it is important to keep it in mind that there always remains a higher risk if a wrong steroid cycle is followed. If a proper cycle is not followed then it might lead to the risk of suffering from increased cholesterol level, acne, hair loss leading to baldness, liver damage and blood pressure. It is important to know the possible pros and cons of the steroids before it is consumed by you. The steroid cycle that is followed isn’t the same for the beginners and experienced bodybuilders and athletes. The beginners need to take special care before taking up steroids and start with a single steroid in the initial cycles and then gradually increase to two or more steroids as the body starts getting accustomed to it.

A proper cycle starts with taking two or more steroids at a time for a specific period of time and then discontinuing it for a stipulated period of time only to start over again. Stacking is consuming two or more steroids in order to make the effect potent. Pyramiding is another type of steroid cycle where multiple steroids are ingested steadily till middle cycle and then gradually the dosage is decreased before starting the use of steroids in the said manner again. This method gives the body the time to adapt itself to a higher dosage of steroids. It is important to follow a bodybuilding athletic cycle as different steroids and its dosage has a different effect on the body.