Bed bugs are small insects that sustain themselves by sucking the blood of animals and human beings. They are small, oval shaped, brownish colored creatures with normal bodies. However, when bed bug feeds itself, his body swells up and appears reddish in color. Although, they are not able to fly, they can quickly move over walls, ceilings and floors. Every female bed bug may lay a hundred eggs which is responsible for their humungous population. These eggs are about the size of a spec of dust. Bed bugs enter your home stealthily through your luggage, clothing, used bed couches and other accessories.


Five ways to get rid of bed bugs

Considering that bed bugs cause harm to human beings, it is inevitable that we have to work out ways in which to get rid of them. This article will give you some effective home based remedies to get rid of this insect. You may or may not employ all of them at the same time, but these are sure to at least reduce the bed bug population in your house. Majorly these bed bugs are at large in nooks and corners. It is necessary for you to find ways to get rid of them because they cause untold damage to your being.
Some home remedies for bed bugs are:
    Rubbing alcohol
You can take a spray bottle and fill it with alcohol. Then you can spray this in the corner, which is populated by bed bugs. Alcohol will have a dehydrating effect on these bed bugs and will ultimately kill them. Alternatively, you can also coat your walls and furniture items with alcohol to keep the bed bug population in check, in your house.
    Diatomaceous earth
Diatomaceous earth once again has the same effect on bed bugs as alcohol. You can easily spread this substance all around your house or spray it locally in the area of your house, which is infested with bed bugs. The earth will dehydrate the insects and ultimately eliminate them.
    Baking soda
Baking soda is another substance that has a deleterious effect on bed bugs. This substance helps absorb moisture from the bodies of bed bugs on account of its specific properties. You can easily spread some baking soda around the corners, cracks and crevices where bed bugs are at large and voila, you will rid yourself of these insects.
    Cayenne pepper
This substance has antimicrobial properties. This property helps the pepper to kill the bed bugs. Strain and spray a mixture of cayenne powder, oregano and ginger, after boiling them in water, in your room. The mere smell of this solution tends to drive these insects away. It also prevents them from breeding.
    Boric acid powder
Boric acid powder is a potent weapon against bed bugs. You can spray some of this substance in the area where bed bugs are troubling you. These places can include in the clothes, cabinets, kitchen, bathroom and mattresses. You will ultimately get rid of them by continuous application of this remedy.
    Bleaching powder
Washing your furniture and clothes with some bleaching powder is sure to rid them of any bed bugs that they may have acquired. This not only eliminates bed bugs, but also prevents them from multiplying. Doing this will give you the much needed respite from bed bugs.
    Steam treatment
You can also get your carpets, mattress and cushions steamed to rid you of this insect. Bed bugs by their nature cannot survive high temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius. Steam permeates into these materials and destroys the bed bugs. It also stops their further multiplication within the material.

Also available are herbal remedies for bed bugs. These are in the form of herbs, leaves, flowers, oils, etc. It cannot be said with conviction, which is a more potent method. which is a more potent method. You can try any of the above home remedies or refer to herbal remedies for getting rid of bed bugs by applying bed bugs treatment from GoodService. These nocturnal creatures, which multiply speedily and stealthily in their source, are likely to infest every corner of your house, if not checked at the right time.