The landlords invest huge sums of money to build their houses to accumulate profits. However, that can only be achievable when they get tenants with the ability to pay the rental charges. Renting an apartment is taking a risk. To lessen the chances of losses a background check is done on their potential customers. Below are procedures for assessing the eligibility of the tenants.

Have proper documentation

There are specific documents you must present to get the report. Without these documents, it would be impossible to get access to this report. You need a consumer disclosure request form. This form portrays your wishes to possess the report. This form must be accompanied with a driver’s license, federal or military identification card, copy of social security card and recent utility bill.

Filling the Consumer disclosure request

The first step is filling this form by using the assistance of the consumer reporting agency. This agency ensures that everything you fill is correct. If the information is not correct the free rental history report will not be issued. The customer reporting agency has all the information about you. This includes your bankruptcy declaration, credit history and rent payment history.

Check your last request

The day you last received the report determines if you will acquire the report. The FCRA gives individuals the right to access the reports within twelve months. For those who have been denied housing and do not have employment or possess fraudulent information on their reports can be exempted. People with such complications can receive this report more than once in twelve months.

Completion of consumer request form

The consumer disclosure request can only be complete when it is fully filled with the approval of the consumer report agency. The documents that prove it is the actual owner requesting the disclosure should be attached to it. You need to check the reason for qualifying to acquire the report. At this stage you can inform the agency if you need a third party to be given the report too.

Signing the form

The form needs your signature. The agency will not respond to a document that has not been signed. Signing of the document is a show of the authorization the individual has given the agency to access his report. This information needs to be highly confidential since it is personal. It is illegal for the agency to publish this report without your consent. Give your consent by signing the form.

Mailing the form

The last stage is mailing the form to the consumer reporting agency. The moment the agency receives a fully completed document, they will start working to publish the report. If you happen to encounter any challenges or have questions regarding this process, contact the consumer reporting agency, which you sent the form.


When the agency has completed checking the form, they will post a feedback to you. The feedback will depend on how the application for the request was filled. If the report bounces, you will be given facts that culminated to the rejection of the form.

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