One of the biggest buzzwords around right now is ‘crowdsourcing’. It is all over the internet, and certainly also on social media. Everybody is talking about the fantastic things crowdsource software has done for them, and how they have experienced fantastic benefits. With so many people talking about it, it has to be a good thing right? Yes, but there are just as many examples of where crowdsourcing completely failed. This is mainly because people think that just because it is popular, it is also easy, and they don’t think about how much they should actually do. If you follow the tips below, your attempts should also be successful.


Have an In-House Backup Plan

Let’s say your crowdsourcing efforts fail. Will you be able to do the project with your existing staff? If not, then you aren’t ready to complete the project. You cannot guarantee that someone will be able to come forward and do exactly what you need them to do.

Know What You Want

You have to know what you are actually looking for, and you have to be able to vocalize that. Without it, nobody will take part in your crowdsourcing efforts, because they won’t get what you are looking for. Only if you can truly explain what you want, will you also be able to get what you want.

Promote it Everywhere

If you want to get people to join in your project, you have to make sure that they can find it as well. You have to promote it everywhere. Social media is probably your strongest ally in this, as this is where people search for things and where information gets shared.

Have Good Terms and Conditions in Place

You have to have some ground rules in place. Without it, you may end up with people claiming intellectual property, or wanting to get paid later on. Make sure your t’s and c’s have been looked over by a legal expert as well.

Don’t Just Offer People Money

A lot of businesses make the mistake of offering only money as an incentive. If you are looking for creative, artistic result, people may be more interested in recognition. Think about what the type of person you want to work on your project wants most.

Have a Niche Audience

You have to make sure that you target the right audience. You don’t really want to attract software developers if you want to have a fun story about dogs written for children. So, while you have to promote things everywhere, “everywhere” does have to be targeted.

Get Help

Crowdsourcing is a new thing and, while everybody seems to be at it, that doesn’t mean anyone can do it. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional to help you properly set up and manage your crowdsourcing efforts. In fact, this is perhaps the most important thing that you can do, as they will take care of all the above as well.