The selfie has become the most popular way of taking photos on social media. Whether you shy away from the camera or you like taking pictures, we are living in the age of selfie and it seems nearly impossible to avoid taking one at some point.

Even so, we all have our off days where defects can get us down or the lighting in a room is poor, ruining a #salonselfie that you probably wanted to show off your new hairstyle to your friends. Since these photos will be all over social media, here are tips on perfecting the selfie.


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The most important thing when taking a good photo is lighting. Natural lighting is usually the best and it will ensure that you look radiant making your hair appear great. For a high-quality photo, try facing the sun as it can cause a lot of unflattering shadows when it is behind you.

Indoor lighting may not be as flattering as natural lighting, but you can face the window and snap away until you capture a selfie worth posting on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or whichever social website you may like. Fluorescent lighting is however not recommended for photos.


Be Familiar with Your Angles

Not everyone understands what angle can work best for them. If you don’t know your angles, you can take several snaps from various angles and study them to see the one that most appeals you. Although they may be a super cliché, selfies taken from high above the head at a tilt can be like able and a good way to showcase a great haircut.

Strike a Pose and be Confident

You probably should not stare directly into the camera. Most people don’t appear their best straight-on. You can try to turn slightly to the side but not to the point where it is a full-on profile.

Confidence is the key. Be yourself and flash a real smile and all images will look good. If you need something slightly serious, you can try smiling with your eyes. Silly selfies show a person’s playful side. You can let loose and get goofy as the fun will show in the photo. Do not be shy when you are taking a selfie because you are all alone and no one is watching as you try to take sexy or silly photos.


Check the Background

When your hair is flawless and you look on point, remember to ensure that your background is appropriate before taking a selfie. Do not show everyone that you live like a snob. After all, nobody wants to see your toilet seat facing up, untidy bed sheets, or messy living area. These can ruin a good selfie.


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The best selfies have either really simple backgrounds or interesting ones. You may look for unique textures or solid colored backdrops to make your photos come out. Do not take a selfie while staring into a mirror or have a mirror in the picture. Seeing the phone or camera you are using in the picture doesn’t always look great. Just make sure to check that there is nothing behind you that may make it awkward later on


Use the Appropriate Filters and Apps

If you want your pictures to be the best, you may have to edit a bit before posting on social media. It doesn’t take long and many phones and camera have features and capabilities of cleaning up photos before posting. You can brighten, reduce red eye, crop, and as well turn your selfie into an awesome sepia or white and black photo with just a few taps.

A good filter can do away with blemishes. Whether you want to adjust an existing selfie or take a new one, a good editing app can help you achieve the perfect selfie. These filters and apps include Aviary Photo Editor, Perfect365, FaceTune, Cam Me, and Pixtr among others.


Hashtags for #Selfie

On some social networks, you can use a hashtag symbol (#) before phrase or word relevant to your photo update. To get started, you can use the following simple rules:

  • Hashtag symbol comes directly before the phrase or word and there should not be spacing after the hashtag symbol.
  • It needs to be written as a single word without spacing.
  • While you may use a number in a hashtag, special characters and punctuation don’t usually work.
  • Join in with popular trends, like ‎#salonselfie‎, to boost your shares and likes

Interesting hashtags significantly increase your exposure on social networks. You can use them to help you get comments and more likes for your selfie.