I always thought that love comes cheap but I was too naïve to understand it until one day, ‘The Valentine’s Day’. The day came with a lot of lessons and all of them were learnt the hard way. From a rich person I was suddenly turned broke.

So here is the moral of the story – ‘Love comes not with words but with gifts and a lot of gifts. Sending more and receiving few. Love can be measured to an extent that more expensive the gift, the more priceless is your love. But no matter how much you brood, the story boils down to one single fact – ‘All you need is love.’So it became imperative for me to look for affordable gifts. Amongst the plethora of websites that I was faced with, Ferns N Petals caught my attention not just because it was affordable but also because it seemed to have a variety of valentine day gifts which had the ability to conquer a woman’s mind.


The most dreaded day of my life, Valentine’s Day was around the corner and as is customary my lady love was expecting something truly romantic from me. With the limited knowledge that I had about women I was afraid not to land in hot waters. To be right the first time, I trusted the experts, Ferns N Petals. Out from the unique finds of Valentine’s Day gifts my eyes settled on one particular gift which featured a bunch of roses I had sent this special gift which had a bunch of romantic valentine roses which will be delivered to my girlfriend with my favourite song being played by a professional guitarist.The gift seemed to have knitted the perfect love story and had given a unique spin of romance. At its arrival took my lady by surprise. Not only did she jump in the air but had also smothered me with kisses. A response of that magnitude, left me with no choice but to keep Ferns N Petals, at top of my list during Valentine’s Day.

Looking at the bespoke services that they have to offer, I could make out that they understood the plight of most men, same day and midnight delivery options which could both save the day and your relationship for long. Now, I seem to have start enjoying Valentine’s Day with my biggest discovery – Ferns N Petals. They have easy payment options and all the gifts are timely delivered at your doorstep. The gifts are quite neatly packed and are delivered in the most pristine conditions too.