The world of online business is evolving greatly with each passing day. As juggernauts like Amazon and eBay take center stage, it’s important to remember the heartbeat of this industry is found with the mom and pop stores – much like the heartbeat of America is found in the small business. In recent times, smaller businesses are utilizing the benefits of solutions like ecommerce CRM software to improve customer relationships and to grow their business. But how can such a solution help you? We’ll deliver a few reasons why.

Understanding Customer Habits

Knowing your customers’ habits is incremental in you better appealing to their consumer desires and with meeting their demands. Ecommerce CRM does this by integrating into all of your sales channels and harvesting the customer and order data.

As opposed to having to sift through all of your channels and manually extract this data, you can now instantly have it at your fingertips. This eliminates the guesswork that goes into determining product trends, identifying trend setting customers, and knowing what to sell on what channel and when.


Enhancing, Expanding Relationships

Let’s say that you have a hot new product coming in and you want to run a sale that targets your most loyal customers first. No problem. Simply pull the data into your CRM and sort it. You can quickly cull a list of the most active shoppers in seconds.

Next, harness their data to create a mailing list, retargeting list and social media outreach list. Finally, create your winning newsletter or email and social campaign with your special offer and blast it out. You can bet that your conversion rate will be enormous from conducting specialized outreach campaigns like this.


Connecting The Back Office

Improving revenue at your online store is also all about how efficient and productive that your team is. With integrated, productivity-enhancing tools, CRM can help you take things to the next level.

New solutions boast live chat features complete with task lists like Wunderlist that help you connect with your team, create tasks and manage them while holding team members accountable. Imagine how much more productive your team would be if these simple but powerful tools were in place at your business.


Protecting The Bottom Line

Protecting the bottom line can be accomplished using a variety of methods. But what things affect your bottom line with an online business? For starters, returns and serial returners can really dig into your price point and cost you a ton on return shipping.

Let’s say you had the raw numbers of all the customers, their data, their shopping habits and even the returns. One way that ecommerce CRM software can help you protect your bottom line in this regard is by letting you know who is buying the most of which product, and who is making the most returns.

Using this information, you can cater specialized sales and advertisements, including online ads, retargeting ads, social ads and even newsletters and email campaigns to attract the same buyers or new demographics of buyers based on your metrics.

In addition, you could avoid marketing to customers you already have a relationship with who are either likely to return said products or who may not be in the price point of such products.

As you can see, these powerful and features and more help us better understand why more online businesses are harness the power of CRM to improve revenue and to increase retention.