To mark World Population Day earlier this year, the UN announced that the global population has now reached 7.6 billion. This figure sparked a discussion among many groups about how, in light of the increasing numbers of people on the planet, resources can be better handled.

Inspired by this, direct marketing specialists Appco UK wrote a blog post setting out advice for businesses looking to grow which focussed on how they can best manage their resources to achieve their goals. Here are a few of the most important points it raised.

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  1. Always strive to achieve more

Appco highlighted the significance of continual goal-setting, saying this is an “important tool for making sure things do not stagnate”. The company noted that even when initial aims have been met, it is vital for businesses to reset their goals and ensure that they are aiming for the next milestone.

This constant striving is one of the things that helps to set the most successful companies apart from their rivals. Rather than being content to do OK, they are always seeking to excel, look for the next opportunity and achieve something bigger and better.

  1. Add to your team

Appco also drew attention to the importance of managing recruitment effectively during periods of expansion. According to the marketing specialists, taking new members of staff on board is a “key part” of ensuring high standards continue to be met. It added that managers should surround themselves with the right team and make sure that these people know exactly what is expected of them. This helps to ensure that nothing falls by the wayside during periods of growth.

  1. Be as organised as possible  

Good organisation is another crucial factor in managing growth successfully, Appco stated. This extends to everything from personnel to equipment and finances. The company advised businesses to keep a close eye on how their resources are used and think about how they can be harnessed more effectively. It added that businesses must ensure they have the “right strategy and resources in place” to support expansions.

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