With the whole thing else you’ll have got to add an antenna(s) and feedline, and power supply for fixed station use. Each ham will have to have at the least a general SWR meter and a multimeter to scan their gear, that is much more important if you end up DX constructing your own antennas!

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Other concerns

Concept 1

In my area, nearly all, amateur radio if no longer all neighborhood ARES & RACES activity is on two meters, making twin band rigs now not very priceless for this cause. Hanging together a new shack with a twin band radio with vigour supply, feedline, & antenna, will run from around $400 (Icom IC-208H as example) to $550 (Yaesu feet-8800R as example). The equal can be finished for a 2 meter rig (using ft-1802M as illustration) for approximately $250, contemplating that it’s a lot less complicated to make a good performing 2 meter antenna than a dual band antenna. For an extra $150 you would put a 2 meter radio to your car with a easy 1/four wave magnetic antenna, and for one more $one hundred fifty you might add a 2 meter handheld with a further battery. I’m now not anti-UHF, and this scenario could not work for every person, however it’s intended to give you some recommendations on what you can do with your price range.

Thought 2

Probably the most reasonable HF/VHF/UHF rigs are designed particularly for cell use. At the same time these can without doubt be used for fixed stations, they aren’t the satisfactory tool for the job, and many professional operators won’t hesitate to tell you so. Don’t let that stop you from shopping one if it is inside your funds. For those who were just lately licensed or upgraded, you want to get on the air, so any radio is better than no radio!


As time passes you might in finding that the mobile rig is just nice for the best way you function your constant station, or you may determined that it is time to spend money on a full sized constant station HF transceiver and transfer the cellular to the auto for just that, cellular. You may even need to hold that rig within the shack as a backup, or in a go package with some battery vigour for emergencies. If nothing else, they mainly have respectable resale value.