Marketing job in Delhi, are always high on the job-sites’ search list and most sought-of. These are highly preferred because of its interesting & challenging nature, flavored with the endless scope of innovation, high salary packages, growth opportunities and various profile and career options to choose from.

If you choose marketing as a subject and plan to make a career in it, you get as many choices to make as you can think of. As a concept it includes target audience identification to need-profile assessment to product development to availing those products at the user’s end and to aware the masses about the concerned product’s availability. The scope thus being so wide, not only is it demanded in various sectors, like business development executive but within the same industry, there could be diverse form of its application and thus lots of career options bud-off.


Delhi as a country-capital city, is the hub of opportunities and a dream destination for setting a career. Following is a list of various career categories in the marketing line, you will have in hand, if you are looking for Marketing jobs in Delhi:

  • Jobs in Advertising: With marketing as background you can get yourself a good break-through in the glam-world of Advertising. There are a number of profiles in this regard, like marketing executives, Public Relation/CRM, etc.
  • Jobs in Events & Entertainment: Both categories, have marketing requirements wherein you can fit in well and cater to the clients of these sectors. In both these sectors, you can easily find a niche for yourself, justifying it with your talent and efforts.
  • Sales Executive Job – Sales Executive Job now-a-days is a basic need in the competitive world of today in all industry types across the globe. Thus, there are plenty of opportunities to target at in this regard, only if you that ability to match this profile.
  • Market Research: This offers you very unique and interesting opportunities, wherein you probe into the present market situation and forecast the latent/future demands and future scenario. You can find yourself various profiles here as per your skills and qualification.
  • Public Relation (PR): Public relation these days is in raising demand as a profile irrespective of the industry type, etc. and so the recruitment for this job. For people thus interested in this line, there are lots of scopes, all you need is target right hit.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): CRM is a significant and very crucial responsibility, wherein the management delegates the concerned employee, responsibility of retaining the customers and managing rapport with them.
  • Internet Marketing: Internet invented as a communication mode, earlier being used only for emails, etc… has undergone major revolutions, today established as a fertile promotional platform, much convenient and effective at targeting your audience. The Internet marketing as a career not only is lucrative and innovative, but viable and progressive as well.

These are only a few major options to mark out. In today’s micro-specialization crazy world as much skills and qualifications professionals are acquiring, so many newer horizons are coming up broadening the scope of every concept. Marketing jobs in such situation is a very wide concept and it has endless options and opportunities to spell. And to talk about jobs in Delhi, the future is very bright with various configurations of dream jobs to target at and build you a successful career ahead.