While planning for any event or occasion capturing the “WOW” response from your guests always remain critical. Whether you are using an agency or hiring on your own, the choice of actors to carry on the live action show can make or break events. These live entertainment acts complement and reinforce the occasion and needs to ensure an unforgettable and effective celebration.

Here, we need to remember a few crucial factors to consider while investing or choosing appropriate and effective performers for your event. First and the key factor remains time. For example, hiring all actors and actresses, then planning and hiring impersonators for your kids elaborate birthday party would require you to do a lot of groundwork. You will need to locate all your actors-actresses, impersonators, princesses. clowns, fire eaters, etc. geographically, interview them, shortlist them and then look for reliable recommendations, check references, booking and hope they perform successfully on the date hired. To complete all these tasks needs time as well as money. Even though you could compromise on money, time will be a fixed factor that you cannot compromise on. You will also have other jobs to accomplish including sending invitations, checking on decoration factors, food, and wine.

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The second factor is that of appropriateness. Suppose the act that you think will be perfect for the event turns out to be a dampener. Scheduling and planning an entertainment event must be such that it successfully caters to the target audience, in order to, ensure that the event is memorable and worthy of recommendation. Such planning needs precision and experience, which might be lacking in you severely. For example, to create a customized atmosphere when entertaining professionals and other adults, it is important to be tasteful yet give fantastical acts that look and feels professional yet entertaining.

Third and the most important factor is ease of arrangement. The tension of looking after the events and planning the schedule should not leave you sick with stress and worries. So much so that, by the day of the event you are already in your panic mode and cause more hurdles than joy, in the course of the event.

All the above factors are well addressed and magnificently managed by the Special Guest App that helps in hiring entertainers instantly and at no extra cost. It allows you to experience live entertainment at an affordable price and at the click of your fingers. This web based and mobile based application includes the entire communication between the talent and talent seekers while forming a complete feeling of trust and security. It provides the technology to effortlessly host live entertainment in the comfort of your own patio, deck or any other unusual scenes with the swish of a key. This app is supported with Geo-located feed that consents talent seekers to swipe in accessible talent, in order to, build a network of connections and book them on demand. It has an in-app messaging and notifications feature that allows users to communicate directly with the talent, making it easy to book gigs and stay in touch throughout.