Installing a new theme for your WordPress site is a great way to give your content a makeover. Maintaining your website or blog with newly released themes also ensures you have the latest features and styles to give your company or content a fresh face online. The theme selection released so far in 2017 has been thoroughly impressive. Several popular theme makers have released stunning themes that last year’s models simply can’t compete with. Check out the top 2017 WordPress themes that have been released thus far and consider revamping your online presence.

1. Bestore

Bestore is a new-for-2017 trendy WordPress theme for online shops. This fashionable theme displays your products in a catalogue-style layout and works natively with WooCommerce. If you’ve always wanted to start your own WordPress-based clothing, fashion, or arts and crafts store then this theme is the perfect download for you. Simply upload it to a server optimized for WordPress hosting and start adding your inventory today.

2. Monstroid2

Monstroid2 is a Template Monster’s follow up to the popular Monstroid theme. This new, 2017 release is a great choice for blogs and websites, and can even be used for online stores. This diverse theme uses infinite scrolling and has several color and layout options built-in. This theme works with WooCommerce and depends on well-coded HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

3. Jannah

This new release from the popular WordPress theme maker Theme Forest is a great start for any blog or website. The style used in this theme is very trendy and modern, and the theme is fully responsive with retina ready display. You can even customize the touch navigation options for this theme, making sure your mobile users find browsing your site simple and intuitive.

4. Seos Photography

Seos Photography is the perfect new theme for those who care about two things: SEO and photography. This well constructed theme can be used as a portfolio for any image, photography or art collection, and even has a checkout option to help you sell your work. This is one of the top WordPress portfolio themes for 2017 because of its sleek design and its ability to draw your user’s focus to your work.

5. Milestone Lite

Milestone Lite by GraceThemes is a great theme for any business owner. This professional WordPress theme can jumpstart any tech or service business with its prominent front-page image slider and modern circular thumbnails. Installing this theme will help your company keep a modern face on the web and gain the respect of your potential and current clients.

6. ShopOne

If you have your own WordPress hosting and want to create a store to sell your homemade, purchased, or drop-shipped products then you should take a look at this stunning new theme. Brand new for summer 2017, the ShopOne theme uses a gridded layout to display product thumbnails and basic information. Product information can be easily expanded by touching or clicking the thumbnails, or users can simply choose “Add to Cart” for quick online sales. This fast-loading theme is a must-have for capturing impulse buys and showcasing your inventory.

7. Forma

Forma stands out, even among the themes on this list. It’s a bold, unique WordPress theme that has 2017 written all over it. The stylistic approach used in Forma works well with fashion, photography, automotive, and other cutting edge industries. This theme uses a creative flipbook style image system and a fun arrow-button navigation. Try this them on your more creative projects or to give users a completely custom-built impression.

8. Resumee

Resumee is another unique WordPress theme released in mid-2017. This theme is a great option for web designers, artists, professionals, and business-minded individuals who want to showcase their talents and accomplishments. It uses a timeline-based scrolling system with different tracks and points that allow you to highlight some of your best qualities and experience. This theme makes a great online resume, and with its built-in SEO features it could even replace your LinkedIn account.

9. Flexible Lite

Mystery Themes, the makers of Flexible Lite, have really outdone themselves with this stunning, minimalist 2017 WordPress theme. This One Page WordPress theme uses Parallax scrolling to look great and work well on any device. It uses a large image slider and several sub-category sections to display your most important content up front. Use this theme if you’re building a new online business or need to finally give your existing business a modern web presence.

10. MH RetroMag

One of the best themes to hit the WordPress Theme Directory so far this year is the MH RetroMag theme. This well designed WordPress theme helps bloggers create an instant online magazine, complete with featured sections and vintage newspaper styling. MH RetroMag uses a black and white color scheme with yellow bordering to help you showcase your content in a stylish, retro magazine format.

These themes utilize trending 2017 styles and features to create a modern look that works well on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. These WordPress themes all respond well to touch input, and have features that weren’t available in years past. With Parallax scrolling, One Page design, custom navigation menus, and other new WordPress features, these themes offer the best of what’s available today. Select one of these new 2017 WordPress themes to make your content appear more modern and show your visitors that you’re keeping up with the times.