The user-experience (UX) of your website is one its most important features. Without an intuitive, seamless UX users may become impatient or frustrated with your website and become less likely to return. Great website templates include a seamless UX that users don’t even have to think about, due to ease of use and a lack of any learning curve or difficulty finding their way through your navigation system. If you want to give users an easy and hassle-free experience browsing your website then check out these top UX-friendly template designs for any site.

1. Fluid Gallery Template Design

This template design provides the perfect UX for anyone familiar with mobile photo apps or stores like Instagram or Amazon. The grid-style image layout is easy to use and lends itself nicely to mobile device navigation. Choose this HTML template design if you’re building a site with a lot of images and thumbnails. This template uses HTML5 and CSS3 without the need for a CMS so it will work on any web hosting server.

2. Adventure

Adventure is a bootstrap template designed with tons of features for more complex and modern websites. This template proves that you don’t need to run a minimalist site to have an intuitive UX-friendly presence on the web. Adventure includes Parallax scrolling and images sliders, contact forms and other functional elements, and even a lightbox image system. This theme runs well on all HTML5 and CSS capable servers.

3. Photography Template for WordPress

Any photographer who wants a UX-friendly, responsive theme with the added benefit of being based on the super-easy to use WordPress platform should check out this premium theme. This template includes grid-style photo layouts, a large floating logo and branding section, and lots of effects and transitions for a high-tech professional look. Despite the top of the line features found on this theme, it remains easy to use due to its excellent interface design that focuses on the user.

4. Digital Team

Digital Team is an HTML5 template designed with tech companies in mind. This is the perfect theme if you’ve got a high tech business like web design and need a great way to showcase your talents. Users will appreciate the simple navigation and well-defined content areas. This is a great classic theme for any modern company, especially those with a focus on the Internet or technology.

5. Tourism Theme for WordPress

This theme for WordPress sites was designed with Tourism and events in mind, but will work for any company website with a lot of images and content. The UX provided by this template is seamless and simple. The navigation menu is anchored at the top right where most users look first and the main image is on a sliding carousel which responds well to touch screens.

6. Consulting Website Template Design

If you’ve got a consulting business the last thing you want is for your users to have problems navigating your website. This simple theme will ensure all current and potential clients can find out about your company with ease. Since this template is designed with UX in mind, it’ a great choice for any business with a lot of clients. The menu is simple and straightforward and the transition effects are neat and minimalistic. This template was built for the WordPress CMS.

7. Upper

This template design was built on the Bootstrap framework and is fully responsive. Responsive HTML5 themes work well on any device, maximizing your website’s UX potential. Upper comes with three navigation system options for easy customization and contains several content areas with gridded images. Add the lightbox option to this theme to upgrade your website and make viewing single images even easier.

8. Attractions

Attractions is a UX-friendly Joomla theme design built for businesses and events. It has two main options for the menu overlay which is great for web designers who seek more control or want to experiment to find the best option for their specific market. This template uses large background images and floating borders to create a simple and professional design aesthetic. Use this template if you have Joomla-optimized web hosting and want an automatically user-friendly website.

9. Wiki Style WordPress Template

Since virtually every web user is familiar with Wikipedia and knowledge base websites, this template brings an easy-to-use, familiar navigation and organization system your visitors will appreciate. This is a great template for WordPress sites with lots of content and subsections. If you have WordPress friendly web hosting and want to provide a seamless, intuitive user experience then this is the template for you.

10. Pure Mix 6 Template

The Pure Mix 6 template design works well for any business or product website and has a simple front-and-center navigation bar with grid-style photos. None of your visitors will have trouble learning or using this website, meaning they can focus on your content and not the scrolling or navigation systems. This template comes with 6 pages and includes a minimalist footer which is great for a few social links and company info. This template uses HTML and CSS and won’t require WordPress or any CMS.

By installing one of these UX-friendly website templates you can ensure your website is easy to navigate and use. These template designs include obvious navigation systems that spare your users from having to learn the controls and functions of your site. These template designs can be installed on a variety of CMSs and even HTML and CSS websites. Create a friendly environment on your own website by using a simple, familiar template design like the ones in this list.