According to the most recent studies, it has been estimated that there are more than 1.5 million electronic cigarette users only within the UK. Whether you’re a fashion icon or some layman, you should be aware that amidst all the madness and hoopla and crazy opinions about fashion, no matter whatever you wear, you must be missing out the most fashionable thing in town, the electronic cigarettes! Electronic cigarettes are extremely fashionable and they make an awesome style statement irrespective of what the season is and what people are doing on the runways. They will undoubtedly make an outfit look better and more intelligent! Did you know that some of the famous celebrities like Paris Hilton, Robert Pattinson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Lindsay Lohan have all welcomed e-cigarettes into their lives?

Fashion and cigarettes have always been intertwined and they have long been marketed as a way of staying slender, demonstrate feminism and it was also considered as a dramatic way of emphasizing a style statement. This kind of marketing for electronic cigarettes does not only extend to females but men are also targeted as they portray the ultimate signs of masculinity. Nevertheless, style is much more complex a topic and the target audience aren’t really likely to be attracted by the tobacco companies.

It is sad enough to note that although cigarettes might be considered as giving you the “cool” look but their dangers and negatives will definitely outweigh the positives and benefits. If you take some time to look back on the advertisements, images and editorials that feature the glamorous and beautiful people, you will nothing more alluring than smoking. We all are attracted to beauty as this goes with our instincts but you should remember that this shouldn’t be at the cost of one’s health or life.

This is the reason behind the introduction of e-cigarettes. Literally, every benefit for which men and women smoke, is available with their electronic counterparts, at least with those that are of high quality. In fact, there are some branded e-cigarettes that are designed to work well and are known to exceed everyone else in performance. While they were being made, every little detail about the actual ones were taken into account to make them function with excellence and nothing was excluded to make them attractive. They are beautiful, stylish and will never make you look anything less than a style icon. Moreover, e-cigarettes allow even more variety and allow you to personalize their use to your life and make them work for you.

So, now that it is that time of the year where people start lying under the sun, you can take your steps to get your newest fashion on and set out to look the best. In case you’re new to e-cigarettes and you’re looking forward o invest, this can indeed be a wise purchase. And for all those who have placed their hands on their e-cigarettes or the clean vaporizer pen, this is certainly going to add on to your summer’s fashion statement.