The use of a hosted call center in your business is a simple, cost-effective option to improve your customer service and customer communications. Typically, call centers improve employee productivity and increase profitability by saving time. Many companies find that as their business grows they receive a growing number of inbound communications. These could include customer feedback, customer complaints, and customers in need of support or wanting to place product orders. Not all companies will be in a position to hire on additional employees and allocate resources to take care of communications. A physical, on-site call center option is expensive. So what can a company in this situation do? They can improve their business by employing hosted call center technology. A hosted call center or hosted contact center acts like a gateway for your customers to interact with your business. It is many times the only form of meaningful contact that happens, so an efficient, enjoyable experience is required for a customer’s favorable outlook on your business.

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How A Hosted Call Center Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

A physical call center for your business can be extremely expensive and a nightmare to set up, so many companies are fearful of taking the plunge. This is where a hosted call center employing what is known as ‘call center cloud solutions’ comes into play. A hosted call center uses VoIP technology to host your communications in the cloud. Hosted call centers can be custom-tailored to fit each company’s specific needs for a fraction of the price of having a traditional call center. Not only is this system much more cost-effective, the customer service is actually improved through better response time and advanced call routing options. The two major areas that are enhanced are customer service and sales.

Features that are made available through use of a hosted call center include:

· Call distribution: This means incoming communications can be routed to the appropriate person or department, saving the customer time on the phone interacting with your business. This process also enables calls to be strategically held. Another major benefit is the ability for call center employees to operate from any place where they have an Internet connection. All call distribution options are fully customizable for each businesses individual need.

· Queue Announcements: Provide a customized entrance greeting and music on hold for your callers.

· Queue Management: This configurable system allows for incoming calls to be kept in order, sent to the right agent, enables call logs to be reported and voicemail options to be setup and properly routed.

Hosted contact centers have scalability as another advantage because your business never has to invest in upgrades to hardware or system features. On top of this the system provides excellent reporting tools to help you monitor the volume and efficiency of your call center, letting you know ahead of time when an expansion may make sense. Affordability is also a huge bonus, and is one of the main reasons many small to mid-sized businesses choose to go the hosted route. Hosted call centers are also extremely flexible, allowing calls to be answered from any location while call distribution ensures that incoming communications end up at the department best suited to take care of the customer. As a call arrives, the call center software can immediately pull up any known information about the phone number that is calling, expediting the time it takes to assist a customer.

A hosted contact center can also double as an intelligence-gathering tool for your business. This is due to the availability of call logs, which can be analyzed for patterns or trends.

Most call center cloud solutions are available for a monthly fee, without any capital expenditure, so small or mid-sized companies can access high-tech call center options and reporting tools. It is really a great tool to help level the playing field in terms of business-consumer communication.