Everyone is always looking for quick and easy way to make extra money. A lot of people will run into scams that will leave them with less money than they started with, which can discourage anyone from trying a new method for earning extra cash.

Making money with mobile apps may seem like just another one of those scams, but there are actually a lot of legitimate ways to earn extra money with a smartphone and some extra time. Here is how using mobile apps can help anyone make more money.

Build a mobile app

It may sound obvious, but the best way to make a lot of money with mobile apps is to build a new one. Many people think this is out of their reach, but there are a lot of great iPhone app developers that anyone can use to create a simple and unique app that people will want to use.

Rack up rewards with in-app purchases

Rewards might not always be in actual money, but getting rewards for anything can help people save a lot of money. Everyone can use in-app purchases in certain apps or for certain stores to earn rewards points that they can use towards their next purchase. This is very valuable for families who use the same stores and products numerous times a month.

Promote free apps

It may sound a little outrageous, but there are a lot of companies who will actually pay consumers to promote their app. There is no need for special education or knowledge, just the use of the app and recommendations whenever possible. Anyone can find their favorite apps and barter for the chance to make money promoting them.

Give reviews of businesses and services

Every business and brand is always looking for more feedback from consumers. Anyone can get paid to give reviews of their favorite products and services to not only improve those products and services, but to also make some extra cash. There are a lot of apps that are used by big-name companies to collect reviews and give out money.

Sell ad space on your phone

It may sound silly, but there are actually apps that allow people to use their mobile phone as a walking billboard. These apps will display ads on a person’s phone that they might be interested in. It can be an annoyance for many people, but it is an easy and effortless way to make money.

Get rebates for online shopping

In addition to earning rewards points for purchases, many stores today are taking this a step further by actually offering cash back for purchases. Anyone can look for these deals either directly through a store’s mobile app or through a third-party app that works with a number of companies to provide cash back for purchases.

Try a new workout challenge

A lot of people are making changes to get into better shape. Everyone can use that challenge to make extra money. There are apps that can give people monetary rewards for logging in workouts, walking so many steps or reaching a weight lose goal.