Telemetry is all about the measurement of varied factors, transmission of data and storage via mobile telephone networks. Once data has been collected, it usually reaches the receiving station for taking immediate action or often data is stored may be for analysis or record-keeping or some further action.

Telemetry is transmission of information by using radio signals. It allows and facilitates transmission of pulse, analogue, serial and digital data over some distance. Telemetry is certainly a better and practical alternative solution to the inefficient and expensive replacement or installation of cables.

Some Amazing Benefits of Telemetry

Remote Monitoring Possible: Whenever something needs to be measured and it is not required to record manually, mobile telemetry proves to be a wonderfully effective option. You simply need to concentrate on setting it up well and ensure that it is working perfectly. You do not need to pay any attention to it anymore. Leave the equipment to do its work and you can get back to some other tasks without really having to worry about any goof-ups.

Accuracy Assured: Telemetry system is pretty dependable. You can be rest assured to get accurate data and information for assisting you in making critical business-related decisions. If the equipment is set up properly, there is absolutely no scope for any errors and you could vouch for the veracity of all the data collected. This practically rules out inaccuracies in measurements.

Ready Records: The telemetry systems are supposed to have the distinctive recording feature, which comes up with ready records that would be required by you either in real time or would be necessary for analyzing them later on. The system is capable of storing huge data. Remember that the records stored by the monitoring devices are always accessible to you and safe from any interruptions or interferences.

Internet Access Not Essential: We are aware that Internet access and connectivity is critical to the transmission of important information. However, it is not able to give reliability guaranteed especially in areas where there is no connectivity or even weak signal areas. Telemetry has an upper hand in this context as it can work without any sort of Internet signals. Monitoring goes on uninterrupted, irrespective of Internet signals.

Truly Versatile: Telemetry systems seem to be truly versatile and are not overtly rigid or are not restricted to only one task at a time. An efficient telemetry system would surely be versatile enough for allowing configuration for some other uses and can attend to two or more activities if required on proper installation of the equipment.

Easy installation: The remote sensor equipment using telemetry doesn’t seem to be too technical or sophisticated. Moreover, they do not require any complex installation. Installation is rather easy and quick. This implies that this equipment could be transferred from one location to another easily.

Real Value for money: Judging by the huge volume of monitoring, the precision & accuracy and integrity of the collected data, one would take it for granted that the system is highly sophisticated and would be too costly to buy, install, and maintain. Telemetry on the other hand, is a great value for money. It would certainly add value to any business which requires the type of work any telemetry system performs.

Collects Real-time Data

Today you are able to measure as well as collect data from not only remote spots, but also, truly inaccessible areas. You can transfer this huge data over extensive distances in real time. The real benefit is being able to witness & monitor the event, while it is happening live without requiring you to be present.

Author Bio: Sal Sommerfeld is a software developer working with a mobile telemetry company. He is also a blogger and tech writer.