When you are not at home, there are hundreds of doubts that can crop up in your mind, and this can be quite a distraction when you are at work, on holidays, doing your shopping, or anywhere else. Did you turn off the coffee maker before leaving home? Is the iron still on?Did you forget the roast in the oven? Are the kids watching T.V or doing their homework? Was the security alarm set? Well there are tonnes of such questions that can crowd your mind each and every day.


The answer to all your doubts can come in the form of a smart house. Now you can simply have a quick peek at your tablet or smartphone from anywhere to make all your worries vanish. A smart house is a residence where all your electrical appliances are wirelessly connected to your mobile devices. And this allow you to communicate with your appliances or vice versa. No more should you worry if you’ve left the lights on in your house, as you can simply turn them off with just a click from your smartphone from wherever you are.

This technology will surely remind you of the smart home of George Jetson from the television series called the Jetsons, that’s been airing since the 60’s. This series provides a depiction of life in the future with the smart home known as Skypad Apartments in Orbit City. Now your home can react to commands from remote control, by voice, or from your mobile device. It won’t be long before you can effortless access popular online casinos such as Spinandwin.com with voice commands from anywhere in the house to play your favourite online slots and table games on your preferred device.


On your home network, you can now put any appliance that make use of electricity in your house for them to be at your command. Via applications on your mobile device, you can control all the appliances that are related to the thermostat regulation, home entertainment, home security, and lighting. Before this was just something that tech savvy individuals such as Bill Gates could afford. It is rumoured that he spent over $100 million to construct his smart home. Now home automation and smart homes are becoming a common practice and is currently a consumer trend.

Now it’s easy for you to remotely control cameras in your home, thermostat, LED lighting, motion sensors, garage doors and even door locks from everywhere you are. Many new smart home devices come with web servers that are built in, and these allow you to access them online. Smart home products are not easily available in electronic stores, improvement stores or online.