The current scenario of working professionals makes it quite difficult to connect with service providers personally, which promotes lack of personal touch which is one of the most essential tool in building a healthy relationship between business and customers. Therefore while understanding the necessity of changing times, there arises the need to figure out the platform through which the connection between the two ends could be established. While thinking about all the significant benefits which any organization existing in service industry provides, one has to choose a medium through which it can inform its highly potential customers about the offers that may hold their interest and can benefit the system as a whole.

We are much aware about all the branding and promotional strategies used by different companies, such practices which are strategically planned for attracting their target audience. Going with the flow, companies often take the way of providing informational message via a wrong gateway choosing gateways which look moreover promotional instead of informational. In such situation, customers withdraw their interest by ignoring what’s in store for them. Therefore to succeed on this front one must always ensure the route they choose to connect with their target audience.

Over the years it has been found that the traditional definition and ways of SMS promotion which is one of the most preferred medium to reach the audience, have undergone a drastic transformation.  SMS marketing is not a new concept at all, but to use the SMS type well can definitely yield great results, even beyond the imagined. As per analysis, it has been found that a great demand of transactional SMS usage is rising towards its peak.

Market trend reveals that big companies & industries uses the BulkSMS tool to stay connected with all their customers. The marketing strategists and people are not just restricted for sending general promotional messages instead they try to create a great bond and for complete hand holding they use the most effective mode of SMS for keeping their customers informed about the development and offerings regularly, while mapping their area of interest. Making the best usage of the message system, while taking into account all benefits associated including instant delivery on alerts and other important information, companies prefer using transactional messages to communicate efficiently.

Numerous advantages of sending transactional SMS includes:

  1. Instant messaging facility with prompt delivery of information:

Transactional SMS can be well used for providing quality information with prompt message delivery to the potential customers avoiding any delay. It’s a great solution to share all important information making it handy for the customers.

  1. Greatly used in service industry for sending alerts:

Government and Non Government, transactional bulkSMS can be used by all segments in service industry to share important time bound information relevant with the customers. A wide range of service industry already uses transactional SMS for sending instant messages to their consumers and customers.

  1. Messages can be sent at any hour of the day

The best feature of transactional SMS is that it can be shared at any point of time from anywhere. The flexibility of sending these messages with no time constraints associated with it makes SMS the most commonly used mode of connectivity in industry.

  1. Makes it possible to reach customers listing in DND pool:

Customers who activate their ‘Do not Disturb’ services can easily be connected using transactional SMS without any trouble. The information is delivered timely and completely hassles free.

  1. Transactional SMS are designed in template based format:

As transactional SMS are template based, different sort of templates can be created. The sender needs to get approval from the SMS provider, post approval informative messages can be sent to a large set of audience.

  1. Message API to send OTP:

Transaction SMS can also be used in sending OTP SMS to users. These SMS are used while doing online transactions such as in online banking etc.