The Real Estate Market in Delhi is in an all time boom, just like other metro cities in India. People come here from smaller towns and cities for education and work, and finally end up settling here. The lure of an urban lifestyle has led to the mass relocation of people over the years and more and more people are flocking to our metro cities every year. Delhi, being the Capital of India attracts a huge crowd. There are good educational institutes here and job opportunities galore. Hence the number of people in the city is increasing day by day. There is huge demand for housing here. If you want to sell a house in Delhi, then you are in luck because it means you are going to get a lot of money for you house. Real Estate Delhi is very lucrative. But before you sell your house you should ensure that your house is in good condition. If not, make the necessary repairs. Many people think it is useless to do the repairs when you are going to sell the house and not going to live in it.  But repairing the house is essential to make a sale. Here are a few reasons why you should repair your home before selling the house.

Repairs v/s price reduction- When buyers come for house viewing and inspection they are going to look at all the flaws any which way. This can put some people off and some will tell you that the property needs repairs. In the end you will have to do the repairs. So why not repair it early on and avoid the negative reviews from potential buyers? And in case you don’t do the repairs, your buyers will want to pay you less, because they will factor in the costs for the repairs (sometimes more than what it would actually cost) and you will have to reduce your house price.

Money saver- As mentioned above, the sellers will estimate the cost they will have to incur to do the repairs, and they will always estimate it higher than what it will actually cost you. Most likely all the repairs of your house could be done over a weekend for a very less amount.  This will end up saving you a lot of money.

Focusing on flaws- This is probably the biggest loss you can incur when selling the house. When your house needs major repairs, it will be obvious to the potential buyers who come to see the house. In such a scenario they will be focused on the flaws of the house instead of the actual house. They will not be able to imagine the potential of the house, with all these flaws glaring at them. There is a good chance that you will lose potential buyers because of this.

Good offers- Record has it, that houses which are well maintained attract more buyers. Since your house is in perfect condition, its perceived value increases and you will get good offers from prospective buyers.

You don’t have to reduce price- When viewing the house, if the buyers see the flaws, their first argument will be about price reduction. They will tell you that it’s not a well maintained house, not up to market standards and that they have to incur the expenses for repairs. In such a situation you will have to bow down to their desired price if you want to make a sale quickly. If you do the repairs, you do not have to go below the set price. You can easily command the market price of the house and in most cases you’ll end up selling the house faster.