Hello everyone today will be sharing about the fastest growing backup software for all your data which include your images, videos, text files, paid applications and other stuff. I am talking about AOMEI Backupper Standard. I have been using this software since few days and I am satisfied with the service of this software, it easily manages all my data and helps me take backup of all my data so whenever I require my data I can easily access it, one of the special features that I like about the product is the automatic backup of my important data which I think is a special feature among the rest.

To express my wordings in a few words I would say it is all in one backup and recovery software that keeps my data protected and helps me whenever I am facing any content issues.


Let me tell you how this software helps us, it creates a system image which helps keep windows and its application protected, it backups latest data and clone up all important files and data which can be easily used in future.

Coming to the software support, it runs on common windows versions win7/8/10/vista/XP, supports NTFS, FAT, EXT file systems and compatible with internal/external hard disks, UPS/flash/dynamic drives etc.

Being windows 10 user I find it the best to create windows 10 system images, the best part is I can schedule automatic backup on windows 10 by which I have no problems in using the software and I need not take backup of my important stuff.

Talking about various features, the most important one is the backup feature in which you get couple of features which include complete system backup, file backup, disk backup, partition backup, automatic schedule backup, incremental backup and file synchronization.

Another feature is restoring through which user can easily restore complete system, files and disk as per the requirements. Cloning option too has been provided and you can perform a system clone, disk clone, partition and volume clone.

To manage your backups even better you can simply use other utilities which include image explorer which helps explore the backup image created by the software, another utility can be creating boot able media for backup in case of emergency.

With 3 different options available to the users I recommend each one of you to download the free software use it and then buy the pro version according to your need. The product is quite good when compared to all backup software which charge good amount and are difficult to use as well.