In a scenario where a computer might require a backup image of the whole hard drive for upgrading to a latest Windows, say Windows 10 for example and also upgrade to a bigger hard drive – a hard drive cloning tool would be necessary to carry out both these jobs at minimal effort on the user’s end. Apart from such a scenario, even for the individual tasks of cloning an OS to SSD from an HDD and backing up the image of a whole hard drive – AOMEI Backupper could offer the best help for free.


Transfer OS from Hard Disk Drive to Solid State Drive

Before jumping into the procedure, let’s know a little about both these drives and why it might be required to transfer only the OS files from an HDD to SSD. The abbreviation of both these drives have been mentioned in the title. SSD is a less power consuming drive with much faster transfer speed than HDD. For reasonable priced and somewhat secured data storage solution, HDDs are still very usable options. But for productive people who want their computers to be on within moments of pressing the power button, a faster data drive would be required inside.

Operating system loads from a primary partition on a disk drive, in most cases C: on hard disk drives. Now HDDs are slower than SSDs, hence no matter how faster pieces of hardware a computer has, except an SSD those hardware alone can’t pull data off the drive at a blazing speed.

Then again, SSDs are costly. A 1 TB HDD doesn’t rip someone’s banks off but the same for SSD could cost a fortune. Hence, everyone usually stores the OS in SSD while keeping the rest of the files on the HDD. That’s where transferring Windows 10 from SSD to HDD would come handy.


AOMEI Backupper offers shorter workarounds for the task. On the Backupper window, click on Clone from the left pane and click on System Clone from the buttons on right. Clicking ‘Next’ brings up the next window where the destination drive has to be selected. Make sure there’s enough space on the plugged in SSD. Also, have ‘Sector-by-Sector Clone’ and ‘Align partition to optimize for SSD’ options selected in the bottom.

The progress bar would show the progress. It doesn’t take very long.

AOMEI Backupper Standard 3.2 Features

The AOMEI Backupper Standard 3.2 is one of the best free backup software in the marketplace.The basic types of backup operations that are supported on the standard version are –

  • System Backup: Takes a backup of the system drive; basically C.
  • File Backup: Backs up files from a computer system.
  • Disc Backup: Backing up tool for a whole hard drive, be it internal or external.
  • Partition/Volume Backup: Takes backup of preferred partitions only.
  • Automatic/Schedule backup: Performs scheduled backups.
  • Incremental/Differential: Backup of only the changed files.



Not all free tools are quite as good as this one. For added features, there’s an option to upgrade to Pro.