Have you ever wanted to shift all the data from one of your hard drives to another? Or maybe you want to format your external hard disk but you want to safely keep your data in another hard drive on your computer or personal laptop. Often while getting a new windows version installed or formatting a particular hard drive you want to save all the data and transfer it to another one either on the computer or to an external hard disk. So do you know how you can copy all your data from one hard disk and transfer it to another? The answer is pretty simple; to know how to clone hard drive you use software named Disk Clone. This software gives you the ability to copy all the content on one disk to another one without any complications, completely hassle free.It has multiple uses and be used in various different situation such as, if you’re upgrading to a larger or newer hard disk or if you’re formatting one of your existing disks, in such cases you might want to clone all the data rather than using the conventional approach of copying and pasting, which at such a large scale will be useless. Complications may further arise if you’re hard drive contains system files because then you can just cut-copy-paste files into another disk because that will cause system failure along with unbootable system.


To clone hard drive you can use the software that is disk clone that will help you clone all the data from one disk to another and also from an external disk to the computer or from a computer to an external disk. The software will give you the option to clone, after you select this you shall select the source disk that you want to clone and you will further choose the target to which all the data will be cloned to, or you may choose an external hard disk as tour target disk and clone all the data to there. One of the main reasons to use this software is because it is completely hassle free and works efficiently and smoothly without lags or interruptions. Another advantage to use this is the reduced time and the increased simplicity of the procedure with no more extra time being wasted on non desirable items instead the time is saved by this disk cloning software. Whenever you resort to copying all the data of a disk for some reason, always use a professional backup storage and cloning software. The software does a perfect job by copying the entire hard drive to another with comparatively fast file-by-file copy and sector-by-sector copy. It offers a safe copying and cloning method to transfer your data from an old disk to new one. It is important to note that by using a professional back storage facility with disk clone feature , you also have a backup system and image hard drive in case , the windows corrupts or if the system crashes.