Many of the best sites you visit are made in WordPress. The incredible flexibility in this well-accepted open source system makes it a top favorite! Folks who seek a splendid site, customized to the details, but do not want to spend on setting it up from scratch, can benefit greatly by the ready features of wordpress.


WordPress is great

This resourceful open source platform allows full flexibility to developers in getting your site ready to the point. However, designers differ in their skills. You need to find a service that is creative and cooperative at the same time. A professional website is like a virtual office; it must be neat. Check out the credibility of your preferred service by the following aspects.

The portfolio

As mentioned above, coding skills differ in developers. A professional may have years of experience but lack out-of-the-box thinking. He can make a neat site quickly, but it may not be very unique. Again, a certain professional may have only a few years to show, but can develop greatly creative templates, logos, banners, and all. So, it depends! You should be making sure to talk directly with the developer who is going to work on your project.

Any credible wordpress development service should be able to show you a portfolio. However, you need to assess the unique skills of the person assigned your project. Consider asking for a demo site first to clarify this. You can ask multiple demos also depending on creative experimentation with site user experience.

Verify the technical experience aspect in detail. Can they customize the site for smart phones and tablets? Can they implement Xml-rpc services? Do they handle integration and customization of third party themes? Drop a mail relating all your queries. The promptness of their replies would show the efficiency of their support staffs as well.

A clean contract

Work with a reliable online service which works by a clean contract. All aspects of the project should be mentioned clearly including a tentative deadline, the costs of the project, the cost of revisions, and other details. Site details should be mentioned clearly. Do you want a responsive site for mobile and desktop? Do you need a perfect custom theme?

Do they handle full installation and setup? Your WP collaborator must have significant experience with the platform. The extension of services should continue even after the site is running. You should be able to find them for troubleshooting readily whenever there is an issue. Talk up everything and make sure that it is mentioned by clear terms in the contract paper.

Long term contract

The contract should be outlining long-term support parameters. Besides troubleshooting, the service should be handling your WP package with deft experience. See if they deliver month end reports on site performance. This kind of a commitment clearly shows that the wordpress development service is trying best to get your site to perform. In this context, do not forget to confirm the SEO expertise of the developer(s). On-site SEO essentially means maintaining a clean coding, setting effective meta tags, page titles, and optimized descriptions among other things.