The use of social login is all all time high with almost every new startup integrating login using social networks. Lets see how different organisations are using social login to boost registrations and make signup easy.

Forbes :

This american business magazine which has an online version is considered one of the most trusted sources for business news on the internet. Since its starting in 1996, has become 74th top used websites in united states and crossed over 30 miliion hits a month.


The website uses social login to allow users login users using their existing social network like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. By implementing social login, Forbes allows their users to do registration quickly and to comment using user’s social login profile.

On the other side, it became very easy for Forbes to understand their users on a deep level by knowing their personal traits.

Uber :

Uber is a US based taxi aggregator who has spread its wings worldwide. The company’s business is solely focused on mobile platform. Users can install free apps on their smartphones and can book a taxi with a single tap. The main problem with Uber was the user having issues with registration. As the smartphones have small screens, it becomes hard for users to register quickly.


Social login helped Uber solving this problem. Now, along with traditional login, they have also added an option for users to login via Google and Facebook. This way, user can create account in a single click.

Soundcloud :

This audio distribution platform enables its users to upload and share their audio files. They wanted a solution using which a user can share what he is playing. Using social login, Soundcloud not only made the registration easier by added an option login using Facebook and Google. This way, users can also connect to their friends on the same network on Soundcloud.

3Quora :

Quora is a bit aggressive when we talk about social login registration. The site’s preferred way of asking for registration is using social networks like Facebook and Google. Yes, they do have signup using emails but that is in just a small text. See the screenshot below to know more

4Yes, they do have traditional user registration system as an option but that’s just in case someone really doesn’t wants to login using social networks.


Social Login is everywhere. One of the biggest organizations are already witnessing benefits of social login on their businesses and many of the others have started working towards it. What are you waiting for? If you too want to take user engagement to a whole new level, it’s high time to implement social login on your website.