Today, the pet population is on the rise everywhere and with it comes the problem of getting rid of the poop. Pet wastes collected and not treated properly can cause various environment hazards. May of you may think it as a costly one, but in reality it isn’t. Go to for information about the expenses and if you want to know how to choose the right pet waste station, read below.

About pet waste station

Pet waste station has four parts. A waste receptacle is the post with a large plastic liner, which holds all the pet waste that residents drop. A bag dispenser is a litter bag in which the owners pickup the fresh poop. The waste receptacle and the bag dispenser is secured to a post, which is known as the station post and station signs are reminder signs that are located on top of every station post that encourages owners to take a bad dispenser and pick up waste.


What to look for in waste receptacles?

  • Look for what the waste receptacles are constructed with. While the plastic and light weight metals are cheaper in the beginning, they need to get replaced soon. So, a heavy-duty metal is always recommended for the long run.
  • Always opt for a small chute in mail box style that closes tightly and resists water, vermin or insects.

Which is the right kind of waste bag or dispenser?

  • There are two styles of waste bags available: Single-pull style bags and roll-style bags.
  • The most common to use is the roll-style bags as it looks like a cheaper option at the first place. However, in reality, the single pull style bags are recommendable as they are convenient to use as well as proves to be cheaper in the long run.




How to choose the right location for station posts?

  • The most important aspect of choosing the right location for station post is that it should be convenient for dog owners to pick up a dispenser before starting the walk and depositing the poop in the post as they finish their walk.
  • Place stations at the beginning and at the end of the community loop.
  • Make sure the stations are not situated far from each other as owners might not walk an extra mile to deposit the poop.
  • It is best to place the stations on both sides of the road.
  • Place stations along the sidewalk. First of all, not all people are pet friendly. Second, it gives enough space for foot walkers to walk while pet owners stop to dispose waste.

Station Signs

  • It is best to position the sign at the top of the station.
  • Choose a sign that is most suitable and aesthetically soothing to you and your community.

Be a responsible pet owner. If you like owning pets, you need to make sure that you take full responsibility for it. After all, it isn’t that hard or expensive at all. Hope the information helps you find the right pet waste station.